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Viola Luise Elisabeth Barner was born in Germany.
She grew up in Cologne where she made her first steps in urban dance by clubbing, performing small shows and teaching her mother’s acting students.
She graduated in a musician highschool (Humboldtgymnasium) in 2009.
2010 she moved to Salvador, Brazil as a volunteer for ICYE and the program weltwärts supported by the BMZ.
2012 she started studying at the UFBA, federal university of Bahia and got her BA in Dance in 2016. Meanwhile she expended her repertory from HipHop to Capoeira, Dance/Theater and Contemporary Dance in different productions and competed in dance battles.
Also in 2012 she entered the contemporary dance company of the university for two years performing in Brazil and Colombia and joined the urban dance group Brasil Style Bgirls with whom she got awarded 2014 as Choreographer and Dancer by Quarta que Dança.

2015 she entered her actual crew Gang Gangrena.

2015 and 2016 she worked in artistic residencies with Los INnato, Vladirmir Rodriguez and Elena Ciavarella with whoms productions she presented at international Festivals in Salvador, Sao Paulo (Brazil) and San José (Costa Rica).
2017 she moved to Berlin, turned “visiting member” of nutrospektif  and started realizing different events and workshops programs with the group and the michael douglas collective/ZAIK in Cologne.
In Berlin she co-founded the collective wildmindflowers and created the piece "Relatedness" which got awarded in Berlin and invited to "Open your Mind" in Amsterdam. She's also a course-instructor in a project for inclusion called Knochenbrecher Crew, teaching Breaking (“Break Dance”) and teaches several Workshops. With three girls of the group she created the piece "GOLD" which was awarded by Tanztreffen der Jugend, Berliner Festspiele.

She competes, teaches and judges at urban dance events.

2018 she danced in productions with Heike Hennig and Howool Baek and went on Tour with german Rapper Juse Ju.

She won the SPRUNGBRETT scholarship, a research-residency at tanzhaus NRW and PACT Zollverein which was presented at the tanz NRW Festival in May 2019.

Her Solo "água-viva" had Premiere at "Corpo, Poesia e Ancestralidade" (Porto Seguro, BRAZIL) and was presented at the "Viva Dança festival internacional" (Salvador, BRAZIL) power by the GOETHE Institut.
In October she starred the production "We used to be darker" by Go Plastic Company, Dresden.

April 2020 she'll be a resident in PACT Zollverein.

DOssier coming soon..

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